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  1. THE PAINFUL AND GUT-WRENCHING MISTAKES your front desk staff could make in the first 5 seconds of answering the phone that might send a New Patient packing...and the shockingly simple secret to eliminate it.

  1. THE "SILVER BULLET" STRATEGY that only 3% of Doctors have in their practice that has put acquiring New Patients on auto-pilot...right now it's missing in YOUR practice.

  1. THE FOOL PROOF WAY TO GET NEW PATIENTS past the dreaded insurance barrier and into your office.

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  1. WHY YOUR NEW PATIENT MARKETING HAS FAILED TO PRODUCE the ROI you've been promised or expected...the one thing you're missing that could drastically increase your net income.

  1. RE-ENERGIZE YOUR STAFF...even the set-in-her-ways veteran...with a simple, easy-to-implement tool that works like a charm.

  1. THE ONE AREA OF YOUR PRACTICE YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO CONTINUE NEGLECTING that could be costing you thousands of dollars a day!  One doctor who put some attention on this one area of his practice generated a 54% increase in his New Patients in less than 30 days.

  1. ELIMINATE WHAT'S KEEPING YOU FROM HAVING AS MANY NEW PATIENTS AS YOU WANT...you'll be shocked to learn it's probably the same thing you thought was helping you grow.

  1. THE ONE CHANGE a doctor made that took his practice from $650,000 a year to $1.2 million a year in less than 18 months.  It cost him less than $2,000.

  1. Plus, Many More Shocking and Profitable Discoveries

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